Key Specs:

Number of Built of Cameras
3 – (Top Main, Side Left, Side Right)

Number of Video Recorders
3 – (Top Main, Side Left, Side Right)

Camera Megapixels
8mp – (Top Main, Side Left, Side Right)

Video Resolution – 1080p

Frame Rate – 30fps

Connectivity Direct – Wi-Fi


Social Media Sharing:

Instagram • Facebook • SnapChat • Twitter

Direct Sharing – Yes (each of social medium above)


Social Media Video (feature):

                                  Set Max Record
Instagram                 60 Sec
SnapChat                 10 Sec
Twitter                      2 min 20 secs



Mobile App.                     iOS (Android Coming Soon)

Flash                                 Yes

Hands Free Timer – Yes (3s, 10s)

Self Timer                        Yes (command center button)

Connectivity Range         50 feet



Height                     5’5 feet

Width                      2’5 feet

Depth                      6″ inches

Mirror                    5 x 2 feet

Weight                    9.2 pounds